16 August 2007


IN UR QUANTUM BOX... MAYBE, perhaps the best lolcat ever. (But then again, I'm biased due to the affection I have for the whole Schrodinger's Cat problem, because I like quantum mechanics and I like cats.)

The comments include the following gems:
"Of corse, kitteh 2 big 2 b unserten in qwantum way witout bein reely reely reely cold. Like reely neer absuloot 0."

"Oh hai! I brought u a wayv funkshun. But i collapsded it."

"I wuz playin wit string theoriez, but now Iz restin."

"Kitteh partikalz givin off much cyootness energi. Round O’cheezburgerz fer evybodi!"

"umm, wen box closed and sealed from environment, Shrodingur’s kitteh in ’sooper-posishon’ of beeing bof alive an ded. Wen u open box, you interfear wiv da kitteh, da wayv funkshun kolaps and u see kitteh is eyver alive or ded."

and about four-fifths of the way down, a copy of this list of feline laws of physics.


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Blake Stacey said...

Did you see in ur proton, bein ur quarks? (I've got an ever-growing collection of lol-physics — just don't ask me why. . . .)