18 August 2007

Ten thousand

The ten thousandth page load on this blog came today, at 5:31:47 AM (US Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-4), from someone located in or near Ithaca, New York, using Time Warner Cable's RoadRunner internet service; they viewed my post on the high school prom theorem (the article from the New York Times that inspired this, in which medians and means were confused, has been mentioned in quite a few blogs).

They came from this post at The Volokh Conspiracy; I'm not mentioned in the post, but John Armstrong provides a link to me in the comments.

They were using Firefox 2.0.0, wich is the browser used by slightly more than half of my readers. (Generally the statistics hover around 60% Firefox, 20% IE, 10% Safari, and 10% random other browsers, which is much different from the Internet as a whole.)

Ten thousand isn't a huge number, but it's enough to make me realize that people actually are willing to hear what I want to say, and I appreciate that. Thanks for reading.

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Blaisepascal said...

Huh. I think I recall reading that. I'm from Ithaca, NY, use Time Warner Cable's RoadRunner service, and use Firefox 2.0.0. I wonder if it was me?