04 September 2007

A graphical illustration of different types of attraction

Go look at http://thismight.be/offensive/uploads/2007/09/04/image/attraction.gif -- a chart of different types of attraction, from thismight.be/offensive. (The site doesn't allow external referrers; when I posted the link I thought it just didn't allow inline links to images.)

The chart has an x-axis "physical attraction" and a y-axis "mental attraction", and then the square is divided into regions corresponding to different types of relationships: Zone of Pain, Just Friends, One Night Stands, F Buddy, Awkwardness, Dating Potential, Dating Zone, Marriage Potential, and Null. ("Null" is in the extreme upper right, corresponding to a very high level of both physical and mental attraction; I take it that the creator of this image finds this impossible.

What I immediately noticed is that the chart is basically symmetric across the diagonal, which implies some sort of symmetry between mental attraction and physical attraction. I don't think I believe this, but what sort of hidden symmetry is there in human interaction in general?


John Cappiello said...

How bizarre. How did you come across that TMBO link? Are you a member? My worlds are colliding.

Anonymous said...

clicking the link gets an error message.

going to "thismight.be/offensive"
gets a login screen.

yep, it's offensive, allright.

John Cappiello said...

The site doesn't allow external referrers.

Anonymous said...

Whats the deal with this TMBO site anyway, anyone know anything about it?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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