03 December 2007

Best name ever for a talk

"Pretentiousness in analytic number theory", from next week's Mini-conference in arithmetic combinatorics at the Institute for Advanced Study.

(from Secret Blogging Seminar. Incidentally, I was surprised to learn this was at IAS, because I associate Secret Blogging Seminar with Berkeley, and thus with MSRI.)

If I didn't have a final to proctor and grade that day, I'd consider making the trip up to Princeton just because you've got to figure that anybody who can give a talk a title like that has a sense of humor. Plus, I've been reading Tao and Vu's Additive Combinatorics in my spare time and I've been finding it interesting. I'll probably have more substantial things to say about Tao and Vu -- and indeed about a lot of things -- once classes are over here. Hopefully Ben Webster, who made the SBS post and is currently at IAS, will let us know.

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Ben said...

The SBS is a Berkeley diaspora blog. Half of us are in Berkeley (though some not for much longer), and the rest are located in Santa Barbara, Cambridge and Princeton.