07 November 2007

The lunacy of our language

Raving Lunatic Obviously Took Some Advanced Physics, from The Onion, March 17, 2004. About the "raving lunatic" named Cosmic Stan, some physicist who doesn't actually exist says:
"He's definitely had some advanced training, though I'm not surprised that it went unnoticed for so long," Lundergaard said. "It's hard for the layperson to differentiate schizophrenic ramblings like 'Modernity chunk where the sink goes flying on the ping-pang' from legitimate terminology like 'Unstable equilibria lie on the nodal points of a separatrix in phase space.'"

Some parts of mathematics are the same way.


oscar said...

In Spain we've got a guy, Fernando Arrabal, who claims have invented "Pataphysics", which also is some kind of schizophrenic chatter sounding as deep knowledge.

The goal, of course, is to have fun, even more if you assume that your only life and small brain is not enough to understand everything what you want to. Your only resource left is... smile and have fun with your own ignorance.

May be Patamathics are not so bad.

Btw, ¿Is supertrings theory pataphysics/patamathics? I mean: the theory sounds good, predicts... well...right... Ptolomeo's theory also predicted, but only after endlessly adding patches. ¿Should't be there a law that says: When a theory explanation is as complex -schizophrenic ramblings like- as the phenomena, means that a Copernican revision is needed?


John Armstrong said...

One place I will agree with the Beatles: whenever someone studies pataphysical science it's time for Maxwell's Silver Hammer.

oscar said...

P.D.: Arrabal didn't invented Pataphysics, he's just a member of Pataphysics College. Ooops!