08 November 2007

RSS feeds for the arXiv

I learned from An American Physics Student in England that the arXiv has RSS feeds for its updates. There are individual feeds in each category: see for example combinatorics (math.CO) and probability (math.PR) This may be common knowledge, but it's something I didn't know. And I welcome it, because I check my RSS reader as a way of procrastination, and now perhaps procrastination will bring me interesting papers. (Of course, then it won't be procrastination.)


John Armstrong said...

I just have the main math feed hooked up, because who knows when something interesting will happen in a field I'm usually uninterested in?

Watch out for that Tuesday night dump, though. It's always enormous.

Isabel said...


that's a good point, but on the other hand I figure I'm more likely to actually look and see if there's anything interesting if there are less papers to look at. If there are too many I might just throw up my hands in disgust.