28 September 2007

They're building a science thing!

From The Onion: Scientists Ask Congress To Fund $50 Billion Science Thing.

Another diagram presented to lawmakers contained several important squiggly lines, numbers, and letters. Despite not being numbers, the letters were reportedly meant to represent mathematics too. The scientists seemed to believe that correct math was what would help make the science thing go.

That's right, folks. Mathematics is all about numbers, at least in the eyes of Normal People. But I can't count how many times I've looked at a blackboard during a lecture and realized there wasn't a single number there.

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Anonymous said...

Heh.. reminds me of this one time back in grad school I was dating an art history major from Wesleyan. I'd just met one of her friends, who (naturally) thought I was all about the numbers. I said that I don't really do numbers, I do shapes and ideas.. and my girlfriend cut in to say, "It's true, I've seen the stuff he writes down. There's no numbers there at all!"