21 October 2007

Restoration of Fermat's Lost Letter to "Last Theorem"

No, I didn't prove FLT. Sorry.

But has anyone read this proposed proof of Fermat's Last Theorem? I'm kind of curious... but not curious enough to shell out the $5. And it's not just the money; this doesn't seem like the sort of person I want to be giving $5 to. It's kind of strange to see crackpottery that you have to pay to see these days... usually now people just post it on poorly formatted web pages.

Similarly, I don't have cable TV, not because I want to keep the money, but because I don't like Comcast. But here I am using my Comcast Internet connection to say that I don't like Comcast. Hypocritical? Of course. But I like Verizon even less.

(From John Armstrong.)

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Anonymous said...

This is the typical criticism of a person who, not having read the proof, goes out and buys a Big Mac for $6 that constricts his/her blood to whatever brains are still left so that even if he/she puts out the $4(presuming USAer) that covers H&S+postage even at new rates he/she wouldn't understand it anyway. I bought a copy when it first came out and have been trying to find a set of numbers to disprove and haven't done it yet and all of the people that I know who also bought a copy have failed to disprove the proof as well.