26 November 2007

My normal approach is useless here

"My normal approach is useless here", from xkcd.

I'd seen this posted on a bulletin board in the hallway here, but I didn't know this was the source.

By the way, I assume that whatever ♥ represents, it has units. Therefore you can't take its cosine, since you can only take the cosine of a unitless quantity; similarly for the Fourier transform. And yes, I am deliberately missing the point here.


Anonymous said...

Not as much as Randall was missing his point.

Rod said...

Well, if you assume that the [heart] represents normalized love, then it happens to be unitless and you can take its sine, cosine, Fourier Transform... and so on ;-)

I am also deliberately missing the point here.

Anonymous said...

poo poo on yous.

the point is T-shirts; the drawings make great T-shirts.

I've been reading all the up roar over Paul Davies and his Op-Ed piece in the NY Times. I hope Cern pours out stuffe none of them in their worse nightmares imagined; that will be so much fun.

Anonymous said...

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