26 March 2008

Largest icosahedron ever?

Biggest icosahedron ever?

Some MIT students (I used to be one) built a 20-sided die in honor of Gary Gygax, the recently-dead inventor of Dungeons and Dragons.

Do you know of any physically larger icosahedron? (And, for that matter, how large is this one? I'm guessing maybe eight feet high, but I'm really just making that up. The building behind it is about four stories, but none of the other relevant distances are apparent.)

(Via Eric Berlin.)


PeteHH said...

Assuming you are right and it is about eight feet, then they need to learn how to use google before undertaking record breaking projects. The first search result returned for "largest icosahedron" gives one at 15 feet http://mathforum.org/students/showcase/largest.icosa/

Anonymous said...

That comment by 'barb' is spam.
AND I'm not impressed by either icosahedron - their side are soft. Come guys get out a saw, some plywood and paint!!

Stuff mathematicians like: The Greek alphabet but without having read Homer.

Anonymous said...

Hacks haven't been the same lately. The airplane was the last technologically advanced one. This is hardly anything, and it certainly wasn't trying to break the record.

Stuff mathematicians like: Integration bees!