16 April 2008

All Spanish youth have cell phones

Todos los jóvenes españoles tienen móvil -- that is, all Spanish youth have cell phones. From tuexperto.com, via Microsiervos, both in Spanish.

As the authors of Microsiervos point out, this is almost certainly not true. Rather, some Spanish youth have no cell phone, and some have two or more. The average Spanish youth may have one cell phone, but the number of cell phones one has is not an indicator random variable. (That is, it doesn't take the value 0 if you have no cell phone and 1 if you have a cell phone.)

(And although the pictures show babies, "youth" here are people from 15 to 35.)


Anonymous said...

youth to 35???

how about youth 15 to 20

Michael Lugo said...

It's not my definition. That's what the original article says.

Although "youth" may not be the best translation of the Spanish word "jóvenes".