08 April 2008

A couple of links from the Monkey Writes

(The headline is in honor of something I found out from the Internet Anagram Server: "Monkey Writes" is an anagram of "New York Times". I think this is unfortunate, because the New York Times is actually a decent paper. Metro, on the other hand, is a free paper that feels like it was written by monkeys; "Swinkey Metro" is also an anagram of "Monkey Writes". I hereby submit that the Qankees, the baseball team this blog loves to hate, play in the city of Swinkey.)

By the way, monkey typing is illegal in the United States, or so Jonathan Block tells us in his notes on finance. (You really don't want to know how long I've been waiting to work that into a post.)

I had to go with that headline because of today's New York Times article Cognitive dissonance in monkeys (John Tierney), in which we learn that an incorrect solution to the Monty Hall problem is apparently used in the analysis of things that happen when monkeys are given choices between certain colors of M&Ms.

Also worth checking out in today's NYT is A Disease That Allowed Torrents of Creativity (Sandra Blakeslee).

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Anonymous said...

Numbers explained the Monty Hall problem two seasons ago; Cognitive dissonance though wasn't mentioned.

I'm still waiting for the NY Times to publish a correction on its rowing story.