08 May 2008

Discreet mathematics

What is discreet mathematics? Urbandictionary.com tells us: "Discreet mathematics refers to the subtle study of mathematics. Discreet mathematics is characterised by furtive looks in maths textbooks disguised as pr0n and by secret maths lectures held in abandoned warehouses at midnight..."

Of course, discrete mathematics is an entirely different beast.

edit, 6:31 pm: A poster on a cryptography mailing list pointed out that cryptography is "discreet" mathematics.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile you can tell the mathematicians in kinky CraigsList personal ads by the converse error.

Gah, with a new computer I have to go back and reset all these autofilled options again...

Blake Stacey said...

The first rule of journal club is you do not talk about journal club!