30 October 2008

Congratulations to the Phillies

Really, one World Series win in twenty-eight years is pretty close to average; over the last twenty-eight years there have been between twenty-six and thirty teams in Major League Baseball, so the average team should have won the World Series about once in that time span.

Still, this blog congratulates the Philadelphia Phillies on their winning the World Series in five and a third games. Not that any of them are reading it.

(If I cared about sports other than baseball, things would be different; Philadelphia has four major professional sports teams, and until last night none of them had won the championship of their sport since the 1983 Sixers; that's about 100 sports seasons without a championship, which is noteworthy. At that time I was a small ball of undifferentiated cells. As was Cole Hamels.)


Sean Henderson said...

Very much a congratulations to them. I was rather unimpressed that the game hadn't been called earlier. I wonder how much of it was the commissioner feeling bad for the Rays and trying to make sure they had a chance to catch up instead of calling it early on them. At any rate, if I recall, Cole Hamels is only 23, which means that back in 1983 he wasn't even conceived. Neither was I, for that matter.

Michael Lugo said...

Hamels is 24; he was born in December of '83.

In case you're wondering why I remember this, it's because I was also born in December of '83.

David Glasser said...

sean: feeling bad for the Rays? I don't think Phillies fans wanted "we won the World Series on a technicality" in their head forever either.