26 November 2008

Eulerian beer

At mathlog: Jever Bierdeckel-Mathematik und die Brücken von Kaliningrad. That is, "Jever coaster mathematics and the bridges of Konigsberg." (Why this funny translation? Because you haven't heard of the bridges of Kaliningrad, even though that's what the city is called now.)

It includes a solution to the general problem of identifying graphs with Eulerian tours. In English, in the form of a poem.

And what do coasters have to do with this? Jever is a beer, and the problem of finding an Eulerian tour is on a coaster they distribute (in German).

Edit, 1:28 pm: In the comments, Wing says that he thought the post would be about Euler beer. Apparently there is a beer named Euler. Someone's auctioning off a coaster on ebay.


Anonymous said...

I first thought this was a post about Euler Beer. There is (was?) a beer called Euler in Europe; I've only seen a box of it once though.

Unknown said...

There has been a 'Brewery Euler' in Wetzlar (about 50 miles north of Frankfurt). It got bankrupt a few years ago.
Their coasters are still available at http://www.bierdeckelsammler.net/deu_brauerei_show_654.htm
Alas no relation to mathematics.