07 December 2008

2008 Putnam problems

This year's Putnam exam problems, via 360.

I haven't thought about these, but I might as a break from writing things up over the next few days.


Kelly Mathislife said...
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Anonymous said...

I took the putnam!! it had some great problems, really interesting to solve.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the link! I looked for the problems yesterday evening and I don't think they were posted yet. I've solved A1 already--maybe a semester of grad school really has boosted my problem-solving ability!

Anonymous said...

Susan, there's an interesting thing about A1. What's it's really asking you to do is to show that the second group cohomology of R with coefficients in R vanishes. If you're good at that, you might enjoy group cohomology, or maybe even quandle cohomology...

Jonah said...

The Putnam has had some nice combinatorial game theory problems in the past, but this year's A2 is just way too easy.

misha said...

A4 is cute.

Anonymous said...

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