31 December 2008

E-mail address change

I have a new e-mail address.

To figure it out, concatenate the first three letters of my first name, my entire last name, and "@gmail.com".

The intrepid reader can figure out my "academic" e-mail address. Once I get things set up those should redirect to the same place anyway. (I'm tired of checking multiple addresses.)

And I apologize for obfuscating the address like this, but it's a new address, and I'd like to keep the spammers at bay for at least a little while.

Happy New Year! (Do I have any readers in Japan, Korea, Australia, or anywhere else where it's 2009 already? And Kate, if you're reading this, I urge you to remember that you're on vacation and you should get off the Internet.)


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, you do :) This reader is from India, about 12-odd hours ahead of you.

A Happy New Year to you, Michael.

More power to you, your blog, and your studies (not necessarily in that order!).

Michael Lugo said...


Thank you for your New Year's wishes.

And I just want to clarify that when I wrote the post, it was still December 31 in India.

Anonymous said...

It's already 8h 40min into 2009 here in Sydney Australia. Happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Canada, still Dec 31 2008 :)
Happy New Year

ps: if you do not subscribe to strange mailing list or give your email to receive advertisement and do not publish your email on the web (just google it every month!) you should not receive any spams at gmail. gmail has a nice feature, if you have name at gmail name+anything at gmail will get to your address. use this for mailing lists.

GB said...

Yes, you do. (Australia)

Anonymous said...

My bad :) It was past 12 when I read the post, and I wasn't quite thinking right!