10 March 2009

Oral exams

I am finding the database of (oral) general exams taken by Princeton math grad students quite amusing, especially since there seems to be a tradition of pointing out the silly things done by one's committee. (I found it by a Google search while looking for information on one of the people listed there.)

Compare the UPenn archive, which I find terrifying, not because it's any different, but because I know a lot of the people involved. (The astute among you will note that my oral exams are not on the UPenn archive. This is because by the time I had recovered sufficiently to write them up, I forgot what I had been asked.)


Anonymous said...

Nice one Michael. The comments there are great.

I. J. Kennedy said...

Are there any other pages like this, from other universities, that you know of? I found these fascinating.

JSE said...

As fun as this is for you, it's even more fun for me, since I gave a bunch of these exams and get to read about what I asked!