17 April 2009

The Art of the Probable: Literature and Probability

From MIT's Open Course Ware: The Art of the Probable: Literature and Probability. The course readings include both some of the classical mathematical writings about probability (Pascal, Fermat, Leibnitz, Bernoulli, Bayes, Quetelet, etc.) as well as various more "literary" pieces.

Only at MIT...

(Seriously, though, I would have liked to take this class. And one of the readings from the last week is "the Bohr-Einstein dialogue", which you may know refers to whether God does or does not play dice.)

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Qiaochu Yuan said...

I'm taking that class. The literary ideas the professors present are very interesting, but it is very frustrating to see literature professors misrepresent mathematical ideas and use words in their literary rather than mathematical meanings.