03 June 2009

Random Walk: The visualization of randomness

Random Walk: The visualization of randomness, Daniel Becker's diploma thesis, shows fascinating pictures that illustrate various stochastic phenomena: dart-throwing and the Poisson distribution, Benford's law, Monte Carlo methods, some hidden high-order correlations in pseudo-random number generators, and so on.


Tomato Addict said...

Very interesting, but a small bone to pick:

quoting: "There is one remarkable thing about randomness: Its existence is neither proved nor disproved it even appears everyday in science and in our everyday lives."

Maybe something is lost in translation here, but isn't the existence of randomness a concept that does not require proof?

Proving that a sequence is truly random is difficult, but that does not mean that randomness in not a valid concept.

Gambling Master said...

its a beautiful.

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