07 January 2010

How most mathematical proofs are written

From Abstruse Goose: How most mathematical proofs are written, dramatized as people driving around and getting lost.

Sometimes I've wondered what an actual map of the various possible proofs of certain results would look like.


CalcDave said...

Agreed. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to upcoming math students, I think is that they usually only see perfect/elegant proofs. It'd be nice to have a few great examples of the dead-ends to see that you don't just sit around until "poof" you get the perfect idea that works.

Anonymous said...

I agree as well. One of the most difficult things to teach is "stickwithitness." My students approach a problem by searching for a conclusion without searching for a path to a conclusion.

Soheil Malekzadeh said...
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Soheil said...

The link is broken.