16 March 2010

McDonalds: more than 10 served

Megabus.com adds Philadelphia-D.C. line, from the Daily Pennsylvanian.

We learn from a Megabus spokesperson that their vehicles use "less than a pint of fuel per passenger mile".

For those of you who don't have the misfortune of knowing this, there are eight pints in a gallon. So these busses get better than eight passenger-miles to the gallon!

Since most cars in the US get at least 20 miles or more to the gallon, this is really nothing to be proud of.

(I'm guessing that busses are actually more fuel-efficient than cars, at least if they run sufficiently full.)


CarlBrannen said...

Having put my share of diesel into big trucks, my guess is that they meant "tablespoon" instead of "pint". That or they should have specified total fuel consumption for the bus, instead of "per passenger".

David Glasser said...
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Michael Lugo said...

Yeah, but how often do you see four people in a car?

CarlBrannen said...

My guess is that if you manage to shove 4 people onto a bus, you're getting better mileage, per person, than a single occupancy vehicle. To match a car with 4, you need around 16 on the bus.

Uh, and busses probably have lower per capita ownership costs.