07 May 2010

Fibonacci cutting board

The Fibonacci cutting board is being sold by 1337motif at etsy. (Note: that's pronounced "leetmotif"; it took me a while to figure it out.) It's basically this tiling, where a rectangle of size Fn by Fn+1 is repeatedly decomposed into a square of size Fn by Fn and a rectangle of size Fn-1 by Fn, but made of wood instead of pixels.

There's also the double Fibonacci cutting board made in a similar pattern.

1337motif is Cameron Oehler's work. Nost of his other work is inspired by video games; you can see it here. I wonder how often the cutting boards get used as cutting boards; at $125, if I had one I'd hang it on the wall and not get food on it. Personally, I'd like a Sierpinski triangle cutting board.