21 May 2010

How did Obama do among Prius owners?

Here's a question: Did Obama do better among African-Americans or Prius owners?

The consensus is that he did better among African-Americans. (96% of African-Americans who voted voted for him, which is a pretty high bar.)

But how would one go about estimating how he did among Prius owners?


Richard C Haven said...

I want to find out Prius as a percent of car models per county or city (does Santa Cruz really have that many more?). With that, one could infer the statistic by correlating with poll statistics.

I could not get any information about car model from the DMV or from Toyota.

CarlBrannen said...

Count bumperstickers.

Richard C Haven said...

I think it's a little gauch to keep winning political stickers on after the election.

Keeping a loser's sticker on is an understandable statement: I still support this even though it/she/he lost.