03 August 2011

Give your money to Samuel Hansen's math kickstarter!

Alright, folks. You should give some money to Samuel Hansen's Kickstarter project Relatively Prime: Stories from the Mathematical Domain. This is what it sounds like -- Samuel will tell eight hours' worth of stories about mathematics. Samuel is perhaps the world's most accomplished mathematical podcaster -- or at least the most prolific --- and is the force behind Combinations and Permutations (sort of a mathematical comedy podcast), Strongly Connected Components (interviews with mathematicians), and Math/Maths with Peter Rowlett. Here's Samuel's blurb about the project:

Relatively Prime will be an 8 episode audio podcast featuring stories from the world of mathematics. Tackling questions like: is it true that you are only 7 seven handshakes from the President, what exactly is a micromort, and how did 39 people commenting on a blog manage to prove a deep theorem. Relatively Prime will feature interviews with leaders of mathematics, as well as the unsung foot soldiers that push the mathematical machine forward. With each episode structured around topics such as: The Shape of Things, Risk, and Calculus Wars, Relatively Prime will illuminate each area by delving into the history, applications, and people that underlie the subject that is the foundation of all science.

He needs $8,000 in pledges. With 12 hours to go (until 11:13 PM US Eastern Time tonight) he's got $7,115. The way Kickstarter works is that Samuel only gets any of the money if at least $8,000 gets pledged. So if

Maybe the puppets from Avenue Q will convince you, although they're raising money to found a Monsterssori school. But hey, they're both good causes. On some level storytelling is what all education is about.

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