08 February 2012

Thousandth, and last, post.

This is the last post here at God Plays Dice. It happens to be the thousandth, but I didn't plan that.

I'm moving to Wordpress, and to gottwurfelt.wordpress.com. (The obvious subdomain was taken, by somebody that I don't want to send traffic to.)

I'm also hoping to update more frequently there. Wordpress seems to have better support for adding images to posts, definitely has better support for mathematical notation, has built-in analytics, and, let's face it, has a better image. So it's (perhaps past) time to move.

So update your bookmarks, your feed readers, or whatever you kids are using to follow blogs these days. I'll see you there.


mikej said...

Your new blog doesn't seem to have an rss feed so there are going to be some of us who can't follow you.

Fawn Nguyen said...

Your first paragraph got me worried there. Okay, my blogroll is updated. See you over at Wordpress. Thanks!