22 January 2009

Tall people are smarter?

Men are more intelligent than women because they're taller, say psychologists Satoshi Kanazawa and Diane J. Reyniers.

I don't feel like picking this one apart. Have fun.


Anonymous said...

I only gave the article in question a cursory skim, but it was enough to irritate me, and to make me wonder "haven't I seen that guy's name before"?

From what I can tell, Shalizi's post has a good supply of links which expand on the theme of "this man is not to be trusted, and cannot be ridiculed too much". I particularly like

... a flash of insight that he could reach the seemingly-unobtainable prize, if only he stacked publicity atop bullshit.

Oh, and of course the article in question seems to rest on interpreting the construction "if A, then often B" with "because A, then often B". Which isn't even a novel way of being fatuous.

Mark Dominus said...

What an idiotic theory. Everyone knows that men are smarter because they have larger penises.