22 January 2009

This Week's Finds has a feed

Something that may not be well-known (I didn't know it): This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics, John Baez' long-running series of pointers to things he found interesting and commentary thereon (so it's sort of a blog, except not) has an RSS feed. That's nice because I don't remember to check for new issues. (And no, it's not a weekly column; Baez writes it when he gets around to it, but when he does it's about things he found recently, so the name is still apt.)

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Anonymous said...

The content of that feed is great, of course. The delivery not so much: the weeks there is a column it shows up as new in your feed reader *every day of the week*. At first I always thought Baez had made some small change and republished or something, but after a while I realized the feed is just configured that way.

So when I look at my reading statistics, I have to remember that reading 20% of Baez's columns means I've them all.